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About Canterbury, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)

Also known as the Canterbury Plains, Canterbury is located in the South Island of New Zealand, and at over 40,000 square kilometres, it is the country's largest province. It is surrounded by two rivers, the Conway River in the north and the Waitaki River on the south, and faces the Pacific ocean in the east. This coastal location is beautifully set off by the Southern Alps bordering the west, making Canterbury one of the most picturesque cities in New Zealand.

What to do in Canterbury

Canterbury's coastal location allows for many water activities. The dolphins at the Main Wharf and Akaroa are a major attraction, and several cruises are available to tourists most of the year. Some will even let you swim with the dolphins in the Main Wharf. If the cruise takes you to Akaroa, be sure not to miss the small Hector's Dolphins, a rare and endangered species native to the Canterbury coast.

Most visitors to Canterbury take advantage of the central transport system and visit other cities, such as Kaikoura, where whale-watching is a popular activity, or the Southern Alps, where the popular attractions in Wanaka and Queensland are easily accessible. A train ride west will take you to the Glaciers, a cluster of stunning mountains and glaciers that alseo serve as recreational venues. If you are up for adventure, try joining an ice climbing expedition up Rarakiora on Mount Tasman.

Tourist Attractions

The Southern Alps, bordering Canterbury's inner side, are the province's main attraction, along with the breathtaking Pacific coastline. New Zealand's tallest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook, is part of this range and dominates much of the west side. Another famous peak is Mount Tasman, molded over time by the South Island's icy winds and creating a beautiful, stark contrast against the clear Canterbury sky.

The main city of Christchurch has many public gardens and parks, earning it the nickname 'The Garden City.' The Ferrymead Heritage Park is a nature reserve and heritage museum in one, offering train, tram, and horse and carriage rides for families and children. Wildlife reserves are abundant in the city as well. The Orana Wildlife Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in New Zealand and is unique for letting its animals run free among visitors rather than displaying them in cages. A smaller park, the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, carries New Zealand kiwis and offers kiwi viewing in the early afternoons.

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